Wednesday, 31 March 2010

The Writings on the Wall

Last night saw the launch of Sketchbook Magazine's pop-up shop in Carnaby as well as the release of the second issue. The ground floor of the shop had pictures and illustrations on the wall from the second issue; 5 Fabulously Colourful women in Fashion by Bryony Lloyd and Susan Keys, Susie Bubble by June Champoomidole, Lloyd Peek's Charlie Le Mindu and one of my favourites, Jack Teagle's Fashion Tips by Danielle Scutt

On descending the stairs little illustrated portraits of the team were hanging on the wall (including one of yours truly!) done by Laura Callaghan. The rooms downstairs all have a different theme, from Jack Teagle's 'office' to the dreamy room created by Annie Driscoll and the viewing den (as I've now named it) with mini-films courtesy of Sketchbook TV and illustrations by Hamza Isa. There were cupcakes (I missed out on unfortunately because I was late), wine and good music by ENL (Eighteen Nightmares at the Lux)

It was an amazing evening and one which I truly enjoyed. I think it was even more special for me because I was the Content Manager for the second issue and so was involved in commissioning most of the illustrations and choosing who we wanted to do what and then receiving the final drawings. As much as I'd seen the illustrations on a laptop screen and then on the flat plan, it was so different seeing them put up on the wall like that. It really was like seeing them for the first time. Also I hadn't seen the girls in a while so it was nice to catch up with everyone as well as putting faces to emails (June will know exactly what I mean).

If you missed it, not to worry, they still have more events up their sleeves. Besides the lectures and discussion sessions there are also two more Live Music sessions on Easter Sunday and the closing party but you better RSVP. Especially after the success of last night I'm sure spaces are even more limited now.



Love the guitarist's half-black half-white trousers

Some of the Sketchbook Girls. From L-R: Siobhan, Rachel, Beth, Sufiyeh, Wafa and I


FH said...

The sketchbook pop-up store looks fab! and I can spot you on the wall too!

Cheltenham Life Drawing Class said...

My work has been credited as Susan Keys. The collage poraits are mine

Ekaete said...

Hi Bryony, I did credit you in my blog post