Thursday, 11 March 2010

Tattoos by Chanel

So I gave in and finally got a tattoo. I've been wanting one since the year I lived in the States. One to show both my creative and rebellious sides, I had been thinking about maybe getting....

Oh who am I kidding? My tattoo isn't real. I'm not actually sure I could sit through the painful process and then endure the wrath of my mother on retuning home with 'markings on my body' as she would call it (although having said that I've had my temporary tattoo for almost a week and no one has noticed, and I'm not even deliberately trying to hide it!)

I have a Chanel tattoo; they're limited edition and were first debuted on the Spring 2010 catwalk show in Paris last September. The inspiration of the show was the girl next door and the 'catwalk' had a barn-like appearance complete with hay and straw and Lily Allen singing country tunes.

Image by Getty, from the Wall Street Journal

Peter Philips created a set of temporary tattoos to capture that ethereal essence. There were wildflowers and birds as well as chains an pearls, and of course double-C charms. They were such a hit that they are now available to buy, exclusively at Selfridges. Each pack has 55 tattoos and they cost £49. I personally think it's a tad bit expensive for temporary tattoos but the sales girl did point out that for the number of tattoos you got it came to about 90 pennies a tat. Having said that, I've had mine since Friday as I mentioned and for someone who's not making a conscious effort to look after it, it's keeping pretty well.

Les Trompe-l'oeil de CHANEL

The tattoo barn will be open at Selfridges for the next two weeks I believe so get it whilst they're still in stock. Even if you're not a tattoo person I think they make a great collector's item.

Sarah Jessica Parker at the 2010 Oscars wearing Chanel couture and the pearl temporary tattoo. Image from InStyle

Jason Merritt/Getty Images


Amber said...

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Why pay for Chanel?

Andiva said...

You paid for a Chanel temporary tattoo?

Tuni said...

haha.. i thought you'd actually got a tatto.. i got excited for you.. :( .. x

Ekaete said...

Amber and Andiva - it's all a part of the job I guess, I was sent to review them for another blog that I write for Style Cartel, and she wanted Chanel :)

Tuni - It's made me really really want one. And because Mum and Dad STILL haven't noticed (10 days later) I might just get one...

Thanks for the comments ladies
Eka x