Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Mr Louboutin goes to Broadway

Christian, dancing? No, you didn't read wrong. The amazing shoemaker Mr Louboutin puts on a pair of his own jazz shoes and danced to 'We should Kiss' by Joe Stilgoe in the exclusive film 'Dancer in a Daydream' for FASHIONAIR. The video starts of with Mr Louboutin in his studio sketching a pair of sparkly brogues and we are then transported to Broadway where the man himself swishes and sashays with two dancers also in red-soled beauties. I love the boyish side of Mr Louboutin that the film brings out, he looks like he is having a ball!

Watch 'The Making Of ...' video here and as the video premièred today you can now head over to Fashionair to watch the full video.

Still images are courtesy of FASHIONAIR

Shop Louboutin at the official website and on Net-a-porter

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