Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Speaking of Relationships...

So, yesterday was Valentine's day huh? I tried to pretend that it wasn't. Not because I'm bitter about being single or anything like that, but I just didn't particularly want the whole loved-up world reminding me of just how hard my resolve to kiss dating goodbye was. Having said that, I did get the sweetest Valentine's email from my dad which made the whole day simply amazing (can you tell I'm such a daddy's girl?)

I am aware that a lot of you probably still have your eyebrows raised at the 'kiss dating goodbye' statement. It's the title of a book I'm currently reading, as well as a principle I'm trying to imbibe. Joshua Harris talks about saving yourself (physically and emotionally) for your future spouse, and not giving away too much in a string of (essentially) meaningless relationships. The author makes a case for enjoying your single days, as opposed to despising them, and how important it is for you to grow as an individual before then trying to merge/combine your life with someone else's. You are probably more likely to run into trouble if you have two 'incomplete' people trying to use the other to complete themselves, than if you had two 'whole' people who simply strengthened each other. It makes the relationship more equal, and less needy and crippling. It also makes for much better relationship mathematics.

Now, while it may not be easy I am also sure that it will definitely be very rewarding if I can stay strong in my resolve. 

I came across some quotes on love and marriage while doing research for a recent article I wrote for Amplify The Word;

One was by Jon Bon Jovi, and he said that as for his secret to staying married: "My wife tells me that if I ever decide to leave, she is coming with me." 

A second one I read was by Robert Brault which I must share with two friends of mine with 'man troubles';

Sometimes two people need to step apart
and make a space between
that each might see the other anew,
in a glance across a room
or silhouetted against the moon.

From a post titled "For better or worse, or Parkinson's disease"
by Bob Kuhn

Some food for thought eh?

As we celebrate love, either that which is firmly in our grasps, or love hoped for, we must remember that love is a two-way street - we must give as much as we hope to receive - and that there is One who is Love, by His very nature, who has, and always will, love us.

You can also read my article for ATW on the website; especially for some of that relationship mathematics I was talking about...

Monday, 3 January 2011

End of Hiatus

Picture from My Crazy Busy Life
It's been a while, I know. Eight months and a rolling-over of the year later, and here I am. Merry Christmas and Happy 2011. I hope you enjoyed your holidays wherever you were. 

I initially planned that my first post back would explain the hiatus from MHIINYC. Truth is, I'm still figuring that one out. One thing I do know is that I've grown since my last post almost 8 months ago which is good. I needed to find my 'voice' (please forgive me if that sounds silly, as though I have thousands of followers tuning in for each post - well, not yet anyway) and while I am still 'looking' for it - discovering and developing - I have more of an idea of what it isn't. 

A lot has happened since I've been away - I will attempt to put into words what exactly (the interesting bits at least). Also, incase anyone out there was wondering, my blog will probably still focus mainly on fashion. However, that might change - I promise to warn you in advance so that you can run far away if you need to. The other thing is that while my heart is still somewhat in New York (about half-and-half with London), I no longer have the 'desperate' need to move there. I'll be planted in London for a while yet I believe - I pray - but we'll see right?

It should be interesting though - my journey - or at least it will be for me. If you find it entertaining/inspiring/interesting/informative as well - then that'll be the cherry on my cheesecake.

To a fresh start *clinks glass*

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Election Fever

 So what'll it be - Red, Yellow or Blue?

I know that my blog is not one for politics and you've probably been hearing enough about the elections as it is but I figured that on today of all days I couldn't not mention it.

The 'Great Election' is drawing to a close tonight and after all the gobbledygook policies, promises and 'politician speak' we've been hearing for the past God-knows how long, it's finally time to for us to decide who we believe. What team are you on? Whoever you vote for, whatever the reason, it's important to vote full-stop. It would be silly not to use your voice if you have one right? And also, as a mate at work said the other day, you can't go complaining later on if you didn't vote in the first place.

Image courtesy of the Sky News Blog

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

My Irish Love

A photographer, like a painter or an illustrator, creates an image intending to evoke a response in the person who views it. The degree of the response will vary of course, from the ‘huh, that’s interesting’ to the ones when your head cocks to the side and really makes you think. They might change your perception about a subject or inspire you to go and do something you wouldn’t normally do. Recently I’ve been inspired by an Irish photographer, Hugh O’Malley, whose work has a dual effect of calming me and bringing out my cheeky side (speaking of cheeky, I caught my 3-year old nephew scolding his pants calling them ‘cheeky’ a few days ago. Now the fascinating thing wasn’t him calling his pants cheeky – ok so it wasn’t the only fascinating thing – but more of where he learnt the word ‘cheeky’ from! I digress...) 
These pictures are from a test shot Hugh did portraying a woman who’s strong yet soft. There’s a vulnerability to her and the fact that she’s in her underwear brings this out even more. But in her eyes, especially in the picture with the fur stole where she’s looking directly at the camera, lets you know you can’t mess with this one. The feel of the pictures brings to mind a song by Jordin Sparks, a line from it reading “just ‘cause I think of you in bed, don’t let it go to your head”. Anyone else want to prance around London in just fur and HUGE hair after seeing these pictures?

Monday, 3 May 2010

Princess Grace

“There hasn't been such a demand for a girl since (Ingrid) Bergman. She's a lady without being starchy - that's how they dub Grace Kelly" quote from the article - New Queen of Hollywood.

I might not have been alive during her time, and in fact she had sadly passed away four years before I was born, but having lived in Philadelphia for a while I like to think that we might have crossed paths spatially, if not temporally. Before Grace became Princess Grace of Monaco she was a Philly girl – born and raised – and started her acting career at the wee age of 12 starring in popular MGM movies including 14 Hours, Dial M for Murder, To Catch a Thief and High Society alongside Bill Crosby and Frank Sinatra. MGM costume designers Edith Head and Helen Rose kept Grace looking stylish in all her roles and Helen also designed Grace’s dresses for both the civil and traditional marriage ceremonies to Prince Rainier III. Interestingly a sub-plot of the movie High Society, Grace’s last, paralleled her own forthcoming marriage to the Prince – imagine the media frenzy when the queen of Hollywood as she was dubbed became actually royalty. Back to the wedding; David Evins made matching shoes to go with her dress for the civil ceremony dress, she wore jewellery from Van Cleef & Arpels and smelled of Fleurissimo, the exclusive scent made for Grace by perfumery House of Creed. Wedding presents from the Prince? But of course. The wedding must have been quite an elegant sight as even the Prince designed the uniform he wore himself. Speaking of her wedding day Oscar de la Renta said she gave a new meaning to the word icon and described her as an ageless bride.

Now, these wedding dresses might have been the last outfits made for Grace by Edith or Helen, but it was far from being the end of a stylish Grace (or the last time a dress was made for her full stop. She was loved by designers and wore dresses by the best couturiers of the time – Balenciaga, Marc Bohan at Dior, and Hubert de Givenchy; lucky girl). Grace Kelly was a style icon before she became a princess, and even up until she died she still inspired modern day fashion. I could go on for a lot longer about the details of her wedding alone, and that only lasted for two days, let alone the rest of her very fashionable life. Princess Kelly continues to be a standard for beauty, grace and style and the exhibition at the V&A celebrates her life looking through her fabulous wardrobe.

Grace Kelly, Style Icon. Now at the V&A until 26th September 2010

Pictures are courtesy of Grace Kelly Online and from Tom Tierney’s Grace Kelly Paper Dolls in Full Colour.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Colour me Summer

With their first birthday coming round the corner nailgirls are certainly painting their little corner of Angel coral, yellow, aqua and green. Why these colours you might ask? These are the latest additions to their colour spectrum – the High Summer 2010 collection. 
Drawing inspiration from Christopher Kane and Burberry Prorsum SS10 amongst others, Lynda-Louise and Joanna, sisters and founders of nailgirls created a new palette of colours that they believe captures the essence of spring and summer months this year. The peachy coral is my favourite hue, but then again that’s a colour I would naturally gravitate towards. I also really liked the aqua, infact of all the colours the only one I can’t imagine wearing is the grassy-green colour #3 polish.
The launch at their boutique spa on Cross Street (off Upper Street) was cheesy twists, seafood canap├ęs and mini-manis galore. To my disappointment we couldn’t actually sample the new colours (the volcanic ash meant a delay in deliveries in time for the launch) and so we had to settle with some of their other own-brand colours. I chose a pretty light blue, a similar shade to the aqua #1 from the summer collection and, although I think it might be quite a bright shade for my skin tone, the more I look at it, the more I like it.
Lynda-Louise and Joanna Burrell 
My manicure - the light aqua blue is the same shade as my wall at home!
Goody bag with nail essentials
The collection officially launches in June 2010 and will be available to buy for £10 each at nailgirls – in the spa or online at www.nailgirls.co.uk 
Nailgirls spa and boutique
50 Cross Street, Islington, London N1 2BA
020 7359 2772

Monday, 19 April 2010

Hideaway Love by Natsuki Otani

Hello lovely people, it's been ages hasn't it? Quickie blog post, you know the illustrator Natsuki Otani? Of course you do! She did the banner for MHIINYC . Well she recently did a collaboration with Urban Outfitters and now you can buy her colourful artwork as prints of skins for you laptop or iPod/iPhone.

Hope you've been enjoying the sunshine recently (at least over the weekend). I have two interviews lined up soon for MHIINYC so look out for those too.