Thursday, 6 May 2010

Election Fever

 So what'll it be - Red, Yellow or Blue?

I know that my blog is not one for politics and you've probably been hearing enough about the elections as it is but I figured that on today of all days I couldn't not mention it.

The 'Great Election' is drawing to a close tonight and after all the gobbledygook policies, promises and 'politician speak' we've been hearing for the past God-knows how long, it's finally time to for us to decide who we believe. What team are you on? Whoever you vote for, whatever the reason, it's important to vote full-stop. It would be silly not to use your voice if you have one right? And also, as a mate at work said the other day, you can't go complaining later on if you didn't vote in the first place.

Image courtesy of the Sky News Blog

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