Friday, 26 March 2010

5 reasons why I won't be wearing clogs

When the rumours of clogs coming back into fashion surfaced I was one of the first to scoff. Clogs? Yeah right. No one's going to want to wear clogs again. Surely not. Even when the March issue of the British Vogue came out featuring Alexa Chung wearing the Chanel clogs I was still desperately trying to resist.
I have to admit that my resistance has been weakening more and more ever since. But just when I thought I was getting over my addiction slight interest in the idea of clogs Kurt Geiger changed their home page image to this:

Amazing, beautiful, graceful, long, long limbs... WEARING CLOGS!

Why Kurt Geiger? Why do this to me? *sniff* And I was doing so well you know...

But I shall still resist. I can't and won't go back on my word. I said I wouldn't wear clogs and therefore I shan't *smiles to herself as she makes her mind up* However, I can't stop the rest of you lovely ladies buying clogs. I will say that if I were to indulge my... let's call it interest and purchase a pair (or 3) these would be my top 5 purchases:

(again, this situation is purely hypothetical)

So there you have it, my would-be purchases if I gave in to my 'interest'. Basically I would buy the shoes right off their front page. What do you think, will you be 'clogging' this summer?


cbenavides said...

OMG I couldn't agree with you more! The idea of clogs ick me out and I certainly won't be wearing them, but there are a few that are just irresistable. I love those red studded Kurt Geigers!

lotte freckles said...

I luv my Miu Miu's I bagged in Milan just for the height!

Ekaete said...

cbenavides - The red ones are beautiful especially as they're suede

lotte freckles - send me a picture of your Miu Miu's. Are they clogs?

FH said...

I completely agree! While I like to think of myself as a risk-taker and always willing to test out trends every now and then, this is DEF one that I won't try out! Clogs are one step away from crocs on my list! yikes!