Saturday, 7 November 2009

Vogue shoot at SHOWstudio

Today was a wet day. I hate it when it rains. I don’t usually mind how cold it gets but once it starts to rain – it’s just wet. And then umbrellas fail to work, cars drive by at Grand-Prix speed and drench you in what you hope is water but really who knows what’s on our roads these days, and Londoners lose the little etiquette they have. In case you hadn’t noticed, I’m not the happiest bunny today. It also didn’t help that was I was looking forward to all week finished before I got there.
On Thursday and Friday of this week Nick Knight was doing a live photo shoot for British Vogue for the February 2010 cover at the Somerset House in Strand. For those who don’t know, Somerset House is the new venue for London Fashion Week newly launched this year. Also, if you didn’t know, Nick Knight is a LEGENDARY photographer, his portfolio including works for Alexander McQueen, John Galliano, British and Paris Vogue to name a few. The innovator that he is, one of the latest things he’s been working on is SHOWstudio. Again, if you haven’t heard about SHOWstudio, seriously where have you been? It’s only been around for 10 years. Although in your defence it only really picked up recently. He sort of exploded, in my memory, when he filmed the Alexander McQueen S/S 2010 collection at LFW this September.
SHOWstudio is based on the belief that showing the entire creative process—from conception to completion—is beneficial for the artist, the audience and the art itself.” – Nick Knight
The revolutionary thinking of this man means that people like me and you can go over and watch a photo shoot, LIVE, for British Vogue with Natalia Vodianova wearing amazing couture dresses. Just like that. Watch the stylist jump up every few minutes to adjust Natalia’s mohawk, see Alexandra Shulman and Robin Derrick, even Lady Gaga made an appearance.
Unfortunately I didn’t get to see any of this. Not myself anyway. I couldn’t go yesterday because I had to meet up with Rachel after work (she wanted to borrow a few pieces from RooR to wear to her dad’s art gallery opening). So, all of today I was itching to get to see the second half of the shoot. I had been reading tweets all day from @SHOWstudio, @SomersetHouse, and even @robinderrick (and he rarely ever tweets) and I was dying to go. So we got there: Susan, Erinne and I, blagged our free entries using our SB press passes (yes, I know, I heart my job) only to find out that the shoot had finished earlier than anticipated.
I am still very sad, and the fact that we still had fun looking round at the exhibition is not sufficient consolation. Nonetheless, there are other live photo shoots planned, although I doubt they’d be anything as great as today must have been.
Pictures to follow tomorrow, my camera battery has died and it would need some spinach before I can access the pictures I took.

Now I shall cry myself to sleep *sniff*

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