Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Melon and Berry Crunch

Another day and still no coffee run. The more time I spend at the SB HQ, the more I love the team and the people I work with. The concept behind the publication is truly truly unique and as I'm being exposed to more artists and designers and bloggers that contribute to SB the more aware of this fact I am. I'm proper gushing!!

The great thing about interning at SB (I know I'm sounding like a crazed stalker-fan) is that unlike some other publications (not to point the finger but have you guys seen The Devil Wears Prada?) despite it being only my third day in I'm being given actual responsibility. I haven't been sent to Starbucks or the drycleaners or doggy day-care (although one of the other interns did have to make a run to Ikea to pick up some chairs).

Today I was given the responsibility of compiling all the content for the next issue together. In the morning I went through emails and the database to figure out who was supposed to be sending what articles in and what picture/illustration accompanied it. I then spent some part of the afternoon chasing up contributors and photographers and doing some editing.

It was all so great, I really love the creative process of what goes into the final glossy print that you can then purchase at your local corner shop. It's like baking. You put together the pretty much boring ingredients: flour, baking soda, essence, some fruit; and come out on the other side with a summer berry tarte tatin complete with crème fraîche.

By the way, I upgraded today! Got a proper camera as opposed to using my berry to take pictures of my reflection.

Wearing shirt from Ralph Lauren, H&M cardi, Topshop skirt and socks, New Look shoes and patchwork clutch from Faith.

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