Sunday, 15 November 2009

Freakum dress, Bang-bang shoes

She was so cute, wasn't she?

Beyonce Knowles-Carter.... Sasha Fierce

I'm so sorry I haven't blogged in ageeesss. The rest of my week last week was so crazy; we were trying to get the second issue of SB ready (it comes out next month eek!) and there was a whole palava with our cover boys changing PR agents and suddenly not being available but we managed to get an interview with Henry Holland which totally saved the cover. So as Content Manager (I love it! I smile every time I say or type it. Content Manager hehe) for this issue I've been emailing up all the writers, photographers, bloggers and illustrators for their content, as well as chasing a few PR people. I also had a deadline myself, I had to finish my article for Black Hair and get it to Afua by Thursday.

Busy week? You can say that again.

Needless to say Friday came around much too quickly and before I knew it, it was Sunday night (why does the weekend fly by so?) My Saturday was awesome because I got to see ... drumroll please ... Beyonce in concert at the O2! She was super amazing and I am so much more in awe of her and that voice. I was a bit upset at having missed Backstreet Boys in concert on Tuesday but I think Beyonce definitely made up for that.

I wore a pink Topshop top, AA dress worn as skirt, H&M leggings, New Look shoobs and beaded necklace.

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