Thursday, 11 February 2010

New York Fashion Week + Heavy Snow = ?

Today is the start of New York Fashion Week and I'm excited to see what autumn/winter 10/11 trends will be gracing the catwalks (well, weather permitting. There's a whole palava about shows maybe getting re-scheduled because of the heavy snow that hit New York yesterday). Anyway the rise of Twitter and SHOWstudio live streaming means that even though I am not physically able to be in New York I can still get the same experience (minus the snow and whilst curled up on my warm sofa with a cup of marshmallow-y hot cocoa)

I guess this is assuming the shows still go on...

This also marks 9 days left until our show at London Fashion Week - eek! I mean it's going well so far but I'm a bit apprehensive that time seems to be running away and we still have stuff like the music and goody bags to sort out. God will make a way, where there seems to be no way... (song from my childhood - I wonder if God can please send some skilled seamstresses our way, just to help out a bit).

We did have a sit brainstorm session with Mimmie today. She's doing the jewellery for our show and we'll be off to Portobello Market and Covent Garden in the morning, well, a few hours to buy some more materials for her to finish off the last few pieces. Her stuff is a-MA-zing! I've been telling her she needs to start selling her pieces, I know I'll be ready to snatch up half of her jewellery in a hot second.

Anyhoo, I also put up a post this morning for Style Cartel. If you're wondering what I'll be wearing during London Fashion Week, here are my top 5 spring 2010 ready-to-wear trends from the shows last September. Can you guess which ones made the cut? Here are three clues:

Stay tuned as I'll be posting daily during LFW with all the gossip from shows, including all-access backstage at a few, and some after parties too. Better still, follow me with blog lovin' or sign up to get MHIINYC in your inbox (somewhere on the left side of this page) and you can see what I get up to, and what I'm wearing. Also Tweet/Email me a picture of you rocking your favourite Spring 2010 look and I'll feature some in an upcoming post.

Have a fabulous day! Make a few wishes today and dare them not to come true.

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