Sunday, 7 February 2010

Getting ready for London Fashion Week

Early Sunday morning, I really should be in bed but I haven't finished my to-do list yet :( there's just not enough hours in the day. There's a skirt I really need to finish for our show at Fashion Mavericks during London Fashion Week this February but I got a bit distracted looking at the behind the scenes pictures from our shoot on Thursday.

We went over to Battersea Park in London to shoot our Spring/Summer 09/10 collection (if you will, technically it's just our first 16 pieces). E and I, my friend Andie, our hair/makeup artist; the model Tope from Mahogany Model Management; photographer Kitty Gallannaugh and her assistant Nathan met at the park bright and early and battled with Mother Nature and nosy passer-bys to get the best shots for our portfolio. I'll put up the final pictures when I receive them but here are some of the behind the scenes shots:

BTS at RooR shoot (2)

BTS at RooR shoot (7)

BTS at RooR shoot (8)

BTS at RooR shoot (4)

BTS at RooR shoot (6)

BTS at RooR shoot (9)

BTS at RooR shoot (1)

Thanks to all for a great day - our first professional photo shoot was amazing! Now we can send out our press release for our show using professional pictures :D For a video montage with more pictures check out this YouTube link.

Also speaking of LFW, my acceptance email came in yesterday! Now all I'm waiting for is my press pass to arrive and I'm going to be hitting up all those shows (well after ours is over, obviously)

Sweet dreams all

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Akpan-o said...

Beautiful pictures and lovely designs. well done!