Monday, 22 February 2010

Day 4 at London Fashion Week

The weather had been so good so far (well, for London in February) and then it decided to rain/snow today. I was lazy enough as it was and definitely didn't need another excuse to stay in bed. Anyhoo I had lots to do so eventually dragged myself out of bed and after errands made my way to the city.

First of all there was Fashion Scout's Merit Award winner Hermione de Paula's show. I really enjoyed her show (sitting 3rd row definitely helped) and her signature print was evident, although for this season the colours were absent - monochrome was definitely in. She played with contradictions; the mix of soft prints with transparent plastic, some pieces were demurely sexy from body-con micro dresses and printed leggings emphasizing the model's curves whilst a few screamed 'sex' like the transparent corset. The make up contrasted the monochrome prints, colourful blocks of eye shadow, dark lips and edgy punk rock blunt-fringed wigs. I also loved the detailing with the HDP key necklaces (I wonder if you can buy those...) that opened the locks on the clutch bags (at least I think they were clutch bags) One look I especially LOVED was the hooded jacket with the blue fur trim round, it looked very cosy and very warm (a must-have if we keep having so many random snowy days).

Vicki Loomes (of Fashion156) and I also got a chance to speak to Hermione backstage and asked her a few questions. I will post these up plus some more questions she answered via email soon.

In the evening I went to the Untold Pop-up Boutique and Fashion Show in Battersea Arts Centre and especially loved pieces by two of the designers they showed: Mononoko and ChiChia London. I hope to feature an interview with Christine Mhando of ChiChia on MHIINYC soon so watch this space.

 Print/beaded dress from the 'Made in Dar' collection by ChiChia London

My camera was messing up so my pictures of Hermione's show aren't so great. I've put them up anyway but Emerging Fervour has some amazing pictures on their Flickr account here so you should check it out.

HdP AW2010 show (5)

HdP AW2010 show (8)

HdP AW2010 show (7)

HdP AW2010 show (9)

HdP AW2010 show (10)

HdP AW2010 show (12)

HdP AW2010 show (13)

HdP AW2010 show (1)

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