Monday, 18 January 2010

Chicken Ceaser and Jammie Dodgers

First day back at SB HQ today after the long break. It was quite a hectic day, plus I think my brain had to get used to the bombardment again, but it was fun. I missed the crew and we had some new interns as well. We had lots of catching up and updating to do and organising calendars and travel plans for the upcoming fashion weeks: NYC, London, Milan and Paris - what a hectic few weeks it's going to be.

In the evening Amy, our Art Director brought the flat plan of the next issue of SB (the content which was put together and layed out by yours truly) for us to ogle at. It was beautiful. And yes I know that it just the print out and not the actual issue itself but it was still exciting.

Then I got sent a video link by Sola (of MMM) from Top Model of Colour which we sponsored and the first two outfits the girls are modelling are ours!! The video's here

Also today I confirmed an interview I'm conducting with Njide Ugboma of Let Them Eat Cake Magazine for Sketchbook Mag on Wednesday and should also be meeting Robin Derrick of British Vogue late this week or early next. Good day huh? I'm uber excited!

Good night lovelies, and also please support the Haiti Earthquake Appeal if you can.

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