Monday, 11 January 2010

My Big To-do List

I'm back! Should have been back earlier but got a bit distracted with Eastenders (guilty pleasure) and Hustle (two words - Adrian Lester. And then they go and put that man in a tailored suit...)

Anyway so the next few months are going to be a bit busy so I apologise in advance if I don't post updates as often. At Sketchbook I've been given a bit more responsibility, training new interns as well as my administrative/PR roles and writing features etcetera. Speaking of new interns there's a new illustrator that joined a few weeks ago... but that's a whole other blog post. So SB as well as the odd article for Dia Diwan (W has become the new editor for their online site, sort of the Middle Eastern Net-a-Porter and I'm considering a Features Editor position under her).

I have also started to blog for Style Cartel once a week and will also be covering London Fashion Week next month for Glam (and possibly Paris and Milan too - fingers crossed! I haven't been to Paris in years and never been to Italy. There's also talk of a Glam van and a pink front row for us bloggers. Pink is soooo my colour :D )

Another project that's in the works needs to be confirmed by Bloomsbury Publishing and I will let you know more about that as soon as I can.

So that's all writing work... On the other hand RooR is also stepping things up this year. We've presented our business plans to some investors and are currently waiting for a response from one in particular as to if they want to give us some money. Major prayers for that and hopefully we can get some investor backings soon. In the meantime D is trying to finish working on our website and we're preparing for our show in February with Fashion Mavericks that will be happening during 19th to 22nd of February (yes, during London Fashion Week eek!) as well as updating our portfolio. Some good news, RooR recently sponsored Miss Central Africa and the winner, Shelly Mobunda was wearing one of our dresses!

Busy? You can say that again. And then the boy is also trying to give me stress as if I haven't got enough already... but again that's another post. Maybe if I threaten him with the fact that there's a hot new illustrator in the office...

Still more work to be done; I'm interviewing Hermione de Paula, the most recent recipient of the Vauxhall Fashion Scout Merit Awards for Autumn/Winter 10/11, and have to finish the questions I have for her. Plus I'm also due to interview Robin Derrick, photographer and Creative Director of British Vogue on Saturday so need to get myself ready for that.

Good night and God bless

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